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Our hybrid outsourcing model uses a blended team approach of both onshore and offshore team members, ensuring strong oversight and collaboration, whilst increasing output at a more cost-effective blended cost, allowing you to scale your business.

The benefits of using DITO Business Solutions

  • Increased Strategic Focus

    UK Management Team, which has combined outsourcing expertise of over 40 years and management experience of over 60 years will provide value, strategic insights, and support to your business.

  • Lowered Costs

    Cost of operations can be 50-60% lower than those in the UK for both contact centre and administrative work.

  • Sustained Growth

    Properly approached, outsourcing benefits can be enormous and drive significant savings, enhancements in services, and customer satisfaction increasing business opportunities and growth.

  • Customer Experience

    At DITO, not only do we assist in project setup and campaign management, we also can provide guidance and advice to your company as a service partner ensuring we are offering you the highest possible management standards.


What do our clients say?

Client feedback is very important to DITO Business Solutions, as it should be for every business. We're proud of what we do and we're happy to share this feedback from our clients with you!

  • Keller Postman UK

    "We have been working with DITO for almost 2 years, during which time our requirements have changed numerous times and we have always found them to be flexible and accommodating. As an organisation they are solutions orientated and have provided invaluable support. Their administration team has processed almost 200,000 documents and the call handling team have improved our call answering rate significantly meaning that 95% of inbound calls answered and actioned within 24 hours. Client contact is a key part of our business and the team have carried out almost half a million outbound call engagements. Quality is essential and this is a key part of their internal processes. Average quality check score standards around 90% which is impressive. Their ability to provide granular management information regarding performance and particularly around client contact is also very useful."

  • Goodwin Barrett

    "Having worked with previous outsourcers with limited success we started working with DITO with some trepidation. We needn’t have worried. Having senior management available to us in the UK and South Africa was a huge point of difference, that we found a game changer. It took us maybe 3 to 4 months to settle into a rhythm but our expectations were managed well. We have grown the team now 4 times and are delighted to see the sales teams reaching targets monthly, as well as the admin work passed across reducing costs and helping to improve efficiencies too. We are looking forward to developing the relationship further in the coming months and years and are now actively looking for other products to expand into, to take advantage of the working relationship we have built."

  • Gladstone Brookes
    Gladstone Brookes LTD, Cheshire, UK
    Their quality of service is 10/10

    "If you're looking for assistance in reducing your overhead while keeping up quality and control, then I would look no further.
    DITO provide the full package with a brilliant management team and fantastic oversight to the work they are carrying out for you.
    The team are always eager to learn and start new projects and their enthusiasm is really infectious."

  • Financial Protection Ltd

    "Outsourcing has really helped us improve our efficiencies. The management team supported us during the transition to outsourcing and ensured our DNA was embedded within our teams, and their staff recruitment process worked well for us. "

Positive Growth

How can we help with your business?

Our contact centre offers expert customer service and sales assistance, as well as 'other areas such as appointment booking and chasing calls'.

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Our quality assurance team are passionate about compliance and ensure your risks are managed appropriately.

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Our Business Process Centre can assist a large variety of areas within the administrative function & non-instant communication. Not only in undertaking the work, but also offering innovative insights ensuring work is being approached and undertaken in an efficient and effective manner at all times.

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We can support a vast range of industries

We are able to provide Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions' for clients across many industries, such as:

Financial Services
Service Provider

Why Choose Us?

Onshore and Offshore Management
Our Onshore & Offshore Management Team, which has combined outsourcing expertise of over 40 years and management experience of over 60 years will provide consistent value and support to your business
English & Various Language Proficiency
Access to a highly proficient English-speaking talent pool, along with other languages such as German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Continuous Development
Consistently reviewing performance and deliverables allows us to ensure that our high quality service has a framework that can be relied on to deliver high standards and enhancements for both our client and their customers. When outsourcing is done right there is no looking back!
Time Zone
We provide work 24/7. Plus, with a maximum of 2 hours time difference during daylight savings, the working day is exceptionally close to the UK.
Net Promoter Score
Cape Town is an award winning BPO environment that offers the opportunity to tap into a highly motivated, empathic, passionate and customer-centric workforce that has a proven track record of improving NPS in operations transferred from other global locations.
First World Infrastructure
An established international BPO destination offering resilient connections to the UK with full back-up. It offers one of the best ICT infrastructures in Africa with a strong national and regional government focus on supporting investment in infrastructure and skills development.
Cost Savings
Cost of operations are at least 50-60% lower than those in the UK for both voice and non-voice work.
Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs

What hours can you serve?
We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
How do you embed company culture offshore?
During onboarding our team take the time to gain in depth insights into your values & culture. We then ensure to embed this from the very start which includes any recruitment & training fulfilments.
How do you effectively manage the transition to Outsourcing?
We conduct a fact find with you allowing us to create a thorough scoping document on your outsourcing activities. This outlines the business & project overview, system setup & integrations, operational setup, training & development, oversight & reporting requirements. This ensures a smooth and simple transition.
How long does the initial onboarding process take?
We tailor our service to your needs and so each business's onboarding timeframe differs. However, on average from the scope stage being initiated, we expect 6 - 8 weeks to be required.